Tuesday, July 13, 2010

running through my mind

i'm in the mood for a chick flick
i wish v would make mo mo for supper
i need to get busy on some of my {many} projects
it is so cold in my office that my nose is running. seriously.
long necklaces are cool
i have fallen in love with chenille
i don't have any chenille
maybe i can get some chenille
my stomach is growling
i should have eaten breakfast
when i'm at work i want to craft
when i'm home, i'm too tired to craft
spray paint is cool
last week was too rainy to spray paint
now its too hot to spray paint
my house is a mess
i hope stephen does his chores today so i don't have to wring his neck
i hate dusting
i hate vacuuming
washing dishes isn't so bad
even without a dishwasher
and I like washing clothes too
and throwing crap away
i love to throw crap away
there's just not too much stuff i think is crap
if i were thin i would wear only vintage clothing
it looks so cool
but not on plumpkins
i need a pedicure
i'm ready for fall
i'm obsessed with witches
but not with witchcraft
is it weird that a 37 year still names halloween as one of her favorite holidays?
i wish there was an apple orchard nearby
there are several peach orchards
i guess apples don't like this texas heat
who does really?


Jenny said...

No more caffeine for you today, Missy! Cute post!

Susan said...

oh, your mind functions like my mind. Sometimes I can't turn it off, ugh, I feel for you.

Mardell said...

Hi Amy,
That's exactly what my mind does when I wake up at 3:00 am! So many things running thru my mind...
It must be a girl thing!