Friday, March 11, 2011

~part of me~

Back when my dear son was this little guy, he had some awesome sayings.

{a unicorn was a hornicorn}
{a skunk was a stunk} - how great is that one? :D

But, one of my favorites was >>

Mimicking his Dad or me saying "pardon me" after a little gastrointestinal eruption, if he burped or tooted, he would triumphantly announce, "PART OF ME!" {as if a little piece of him was getting away!}

Why do I have the sudden urge to take folic acid and buy an ovulation kit?


Monica said...

"Part of me"...I LOVE it! I love all the funny things kids say and I sure wish I'd written it all down. Mike would love another one...Me, not so much, but I do miss those fun innocent days!

When the kids used to play "fight" one of them used to try to say "You want a piece of me?" Instead she would say, "You want a piece of MEAT?" It was so funny!

Jenny said...

Do it! The world would be a better place with another Stephen!