Monday, April 4, 2011

~a certain teenage boy~

I’ve been the mother of a teenage boy for a little over 5 months now. Here are some observations:

Teenage Boys:

  • like to comment on their Mom’s gray hairs

  • and on the size of their Dad’s stomach

  • enjoy spending time with their parents, except when they don’t

  • define clean way differently than their Mom’s do

  • make jokes out of their (or anyone else’s)bodily functions ·

  • don’t want you to ask them if they have a “crush” on anyone

  • have odors. All.Kinds.of.Odors.

  • eat constantly

  • ask, “What if..” (yes, STILL)

  • hate to wake up

  • are empirically funny

  • like to laugh, and laugh, and laugh

  • frown on their parents acting silly in public

  • enjoy practical jokes

  • Want to be taller (even if they are already tall)

  • are independent – when it suits them J

  • are completely, utterly enjoyable…most of the time

  • shhhh…{still like to be tucked in at night}

-I had to come back to edit this post to include loud. In my experience teenage boys are LOUD! ;)


Carol said...

YEP!!! That about sums it teenage boy is 20....everything you wrote is a true statement!!!

Jenny said...

Some things never change. Takes me way back...