Monday, April 18, 2011

~my dinner date~

I had a very special dinner date this evening. My son. Just him and me. Virgil worked late, and I had a case of the Mondays and didn't want to cook. When I walked in the door I said, "Let's go to dinner. Just you and me." And he said, "Ok!" We decided on Italian only to find out that the little Italian restaurant in the neighboring town had closed. Our choices were then limited to pizza, Sonic, McDonalds, the chicken strip place or mexican food. We decided on Mexican. We talked about school, the service of our waitress, funny restaurant experiences we've had {V- reminiscing about the shouting waiter in Austin and your reaction to him got the most laughs!} and how he's glad I'm not one of those Moms who go without a bra in public. [thank you very much!] Nothing earth shattering, yet altogether perfect. A delightful time spent with my son. I like him. A lot.

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