Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Productive Weekend

This past weekend we had the kind of weather that makes me think I could pitch a tent by a river next to a field of antelope, throw up a clothes line and live forever. Then bedtime rolls around and I know it will never be. I love my bed too much.

BUT, the weather was scrumptious. A day that would have been perfect for rolling down a grassy hill. Energizing. And so, with an absence of hills, we tackled some projects.

I started out the day helping my SIL paint the living room of the new rental she and her kiddos are moving into, while Virgil and Stephen painted the inside of our shed to seal all the wood before we start moving stuff in.

I also painted this old plant stand for a little house warming for my SIL. I nabbed the stand for a buck at a flea market last spring. It turned out so cute in Rustoleum's Apple Green. I have a full picture of the finished stand but blogger is being a total butt and I'm tired of messing with trying to add photos for now! {ex of blogger buttdom..I have no idea why this entire sentence is underlined??? big time eye roll}
We also worked on some Subway Wall Art I've been wanting to get together. I painted the wood and Virgil helped me build the frame. Or maybe I helped him...but who's keeping track, right? :)

Now I just need to find the perfect spot to hang it in our living room...{notice the underlining is gone? I have no clue why...!} You can learn how to do this subway art here.

Here is how Patch
and Rainer helped out! ;)

~lovely weekend~

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Mardell said...

Hi Amy,
Your weather looks gorgeous! Love how the plant stand turned out. Your helpers are cute (and the dogs are too! LOL)