Friday, November 9, 2012


It's Friday. Yay! Football. Band. At my alma mater. WooHoo!
The weather is fallish and fine. Though, I'm ready for some cold. Yes, it's early November. In Texas. But, unh, still. [imagine a stomping foot]
Last year we had no winter. No Snow. NO Snow!
Now I have scenes of White Christmas running through my head. I'm on a train with Bing Crosby. Singing.
I'm Rosmary Clooney. ♪ ♫ NOoooooo SNooooW! ♪ ♫
I'd totally dig a Vermont style snow. Right here in North Texas. Yeah buddy.

Weekends. I love them! Stephen and I are working UNT Concessions tomorrow to help raise money for band boosters. A.LOT. of our time is taken up with band. It's cool. He digs it. Therefore, I dig it. Virgil will be at the hunting land. Getting ready for the Thanksgiving weekend hunt. Hope my boys get a deer. Mostly hope they enjoy the male bonding stuff. Weird.
Stephen texted me from school earlier this morning, "Will you plz make big red ice-cream this weekend/:0/"
Umm...kick some butt on the football field tonight and we'll see, buddy.
Seriously though. He's requesting Big Red ice cream. In November. We need COLD.
And hot chocolate.
Big Red ice cream is for summer. July. To keep us from melting.

I want need to craft this weekend. Must finish the hat I'm loom knitting. Start a new hat. Sew a couple of Zippy Strippy Blankets, and start on a batch of little somethings I'm making for the little men in my life.
Love my nephews and great nephews.
So glad I'm past the 2 yrs old and younger stage of parenthood. Whew!

Also want to make something yummy. Too bad a grocery store has to be involved.
So going to be a Stephen chore when he gets his license.

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Jenny said...

I love that he texted you, Amy. I'm not sure why but that's just making me grin like crazy!

Hoping for snow all around!