Monday, November 12, 2012

Hello new week

It's Monday.
I made it to work on time. Yay me.
But then I left early.
Stephen is all sicky.
I zoned out at a 4 way stop on the way home. I was sitting there like it was a red light.
Thriller was playing on the radio. That got me thinking about zombies. Which got me
thinking about The Walking Dead. Which got me thinking about bug out bags... you get the point.
Rabbit Hole.
So the lady behind me gave me the looooooooonnnnggg honk.
I drove. She zoomed around me, staring me down and holding her hand up in the air.
Well, bless her heart.
I didn't create at all this weekend.
I did supervise Stephen's creation of the Alaskan State Flag using a
pillowcase, paint, stencils and brushes.
That was fun!
Homework that gives me a chance to craft with my 15 year old boy is rad.
Niecee-Poo Katrina turned fifteen yesterday.
These kids need to STOP growing up.

Sad to say I have not fluffed the inside of my house for Fall. Sad. Very Sad.
But, I'm going to this week. Even it is for just a short time period.
Need it. Want it. LOVE it!

And, I'm going to craft something too.
I will.

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