Thursday, November 15, 2012

Today's drama

I subconsciously snoozed the alarm this morning. Five times.
I was late for work. And I didn't even have time to shower. Grody.
I did, however, have time to stop at McDonald's for coffee and fruit and maple oatmeal.
I have my priorities.
Work was productive for the most part.
Except when I mailed a 6 figure check to a vendor when I was supposed to hold it for pick up.
Highlight of the day? IMing with my friend, Cindy.
We discussed, in depth, the possibility of going vegan in January.
You can laugh. It's ok.
I worked until 5 to cover for a co-worker having a dental extraction.
Of course, Stephen got out of football practice early on the day I work late.
First call:
"Can you come get me?"
"No, I'm at work. Catch a ride."
Second call:
"I can't find a ride."
"Seriously? NO ONE will give a ride?" rolling my eyes at the drama, and then "Walk to your Aunt Jill's"
Third call:
"I got a ride home, but YOU have my key and I'm locked out."
"Enjoy the outdoors! Or go to one of the neighbors or your (other) Aunt's house."
I arrive home and Stephen walks around the corner, in shorts and t-shirt, fake shivering, as if I've asked him to sit outside in below freezing weather. BTW - it's 55 degrees. AND he has a bag with him which contains sweatpants and a hoodie. [do not feel sorry for this boy!]
Oh, and that other aunt lives not even a block down the road.
Today = Drama.
I have accomplished a little creating this week; I finished my first loom knitted hat!

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Jenny said...

Your hat is adorable.

Breathe now.

And again!

Where's that darned Calgon when you need it!