Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I resolve

Wow, where have I been? I didn't post for all of December. Didn't have a post in me, I suppose.
So here it is, Jan. 2. Five years ago today, I lost my sweet and lovely dad. Suddenly and without warning. Bleh. I miss him. But, I don't wish he was here. I'm glad he's in heaven rejoicing and praising God. My dad praising God! Can't wait to see that. I get my reservedness from my daddy. So I know how extra wonderful it must have been for him to shake loose the reservations that plagued on this earth and all out praise his Heavenly Father! Can't wait until the day I'm there beside him doing the same!
I'm still off work. Yes! I go back on Jan 7 and so am spending these last few days with my irascible son. [I don't know if I spelled that right, but I don't feel like checking to see.] Stephen is a mischievious scamp. Seriously. He makes me alternately laugh and want to pull all my hairs out.
I don't have any pics to share this post. I didn't take many this season. But I will share what I have on a later post.
It's a new year. And I resolve NOT to have a New Year's resolution. Seriously, they don't work for me anyway. Last year, I decided to get all trendy and pick a word for the year. I picked INTENTIONAL. As in, be intentional in my choices, activities, eating, etc. Well, I could not have had a more UNintentional year.
So I will simply strive to be better, which is what I always strive for.
Welcome 2013. Let's see what your days will reveal.

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Monica said...

I love the "picture" of your dad in Heaven!

I'm with you on the resolution thing - I never make them. I don't think I've tried the word of the year either - wait, maybe once, but I later forgot what the word was!

Happy New Year...Enjoy being home with Ste!