Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Yesterday was Stephen's first day of Sophomore year. Yesterday was also the first time I haven't driven him to school on the first day of school. My work hours are early...
But my honey took this picture for posterity. {I typed prosperity first...ha!}
It's neat, this watching your child grow. 
I nostalgically long for his littleness. Yet, I cherish 15 year old, sophomore Ste. 

A few days ago Virgil and I were remembering a trip to the Great Sand Dunes when Ste was about 20 months old. His diaper-bottomed self would toddle down the trail ahead of us, looking back every few feet to be sure we were still there. Assured of our presence, he would take off down the trail again. Mr. Independent.

I suppose that's our parental purpose. To be there when they look back. We teach, encourage, reprimand, nurture...and watch the distance between "look backs" widen. We stand, ever-present in the background providing assurance. 

I'm so proud to be his momma.
It's the best!


Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

your beautiful words leave me misty eyed.

Jenny said...

Oh man.

How did this time pass, Amy?

I love your words.

They make me weep for what was.

Even though I'm always looking to tomorrow, it's hard not to peek back.