Saturday, August 31, 2013

This week

I'm joining Dana at the Old Red Barn Co again to share a few happenings this week.

  • Attended Ice Cream Social for the high school band. So fun getting a preview of their 2013 marching show. And, of course, I LOVE hearing my boy play his tuba!
  • Sent Stephen off for his first day of sophomore year.
  • Took Stephen to his follow up appointment with the orthopedist. Hopeful his sprained MCL will be healed up in 3 - 5 weeks. He's missing playing football and marching at half-time.
  • Looked at the weekly weather forecast and died a little. Geeeeezzz, why is it soooo hot in Texas?
  • Ignored the forecast and stopped at Bath and Body Works during my lunchtime mall walk, and loaded up on Autumn scented hand soaps and body sprays. One body spray is called Autumn Caramel Woods. Just yes!
  • Found this cake on thenovicechef blog, sighed, and fell in love. I must make this soon!
  • Attended the first regular high school football game of the season. Watched my boy on the sidelines. At half-time, he was seated on a folding chair on the 50 yard line, playing his tuba. Funny! I'll know he will be glad when he can stand and march with the group. 
    • Also at the football game....melted into a puddle from the heat and humidity. Did I mention it is HOT here? It's hot y'all. Ugh.
COME ON FALL WEATHER. I'm waiting! :)


Jackie said...

My twin moved to Texas three years ago and I went to visit her back in June. Before getting off the plane the pilot mentioned that it was humid. No big deal, I live in SC, humidity doesn't scare me. But when I made my way outside I didn't notice the humidity and thought the pilot must have gotten it wrong. I asked my twin about that and she said, "No, this is what Texas thinks humidity is." It made more sense after that. I guess one good thing about growing up in the south is that you become tolerant of humidity during the summer.

Pearl Maple said...

Wow Autumn Caramel Woods and pumpkin dream cake sure makes for a great start for fall

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

That cake!!!!!

Oh dear. . . that cake!

Jenny said...

Please send pumpkin cake.


If not sooner!

I remember trying your pumpkin fudge, too!