Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pity party over, and our town's annual Pioneer Day

A quick comment on my last post.  I'm happy to say the pity party is over. I sometimes get stymied by life's happenings. We all do, right? About 10 minutes after I posted that entry, I contemplated deleting it. I decided not to because it's real. It is how I was feeling and those feelings are something I struggle with from time to time. I learn daily and learning means growth. I can live with people knowing that about me. :)


Today was our town's annual Pioneer Day celebration. We woke up to deliciously cool weather. The town square was bustling as I drove Stephen to the band hall to prepare for the parade. He couldn't march this year due to his knee, but they made strapping a chair into the back of the band director's truck. That's where Ste rode for the parade!

He was glad he got to participate! 

After the parade, the band performed on the town square. Here's our tuba players:

Go Band!!


Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

Glad he got to participate!

Jenny said...

Pity parties are good things Amy! We all need a good one once in awhile!