Friday, May 1, 2009

busy LAST Saturday

Last Saturday, April 25th was a busy day. We started out at Meg's soccer game.

Meg can throw!

Meg can kick!

Meg can run!

And that's hot work!

Afterward, my in-laws treated us to lunch at our favorite Mexican food restaurant...and they ended up treating three extras when we ran into my nephew, Reece (my sister Carla's son), and two of his friends, Tony and Luis. We had a great time visiting.

Next, Stephen and I(Virgil was working) attended Makenna's 2nd birthday party. There were balloons, a trampoline, a brand-new birthday swing set, hot dogs (we weren't hungry and had to pass on those!), and more gifts than the toy section at the local Wal-mart!

Oh, and there was the star of the show, Miss Makenna!

Is it really possible that she is two?

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Jenny said...

Wow, fun times for all! Amy, your nieces are just adorable. What lovely pictures of lovely times.