Monday, July 27, 2009


We went peach picking on Saturday.

Here we are getting ready to pick. Virgil, me, Katrina, Carla, Stephen and Jill
The peaches were gorgeous.

And tasty too!

They even smelled delicious!

Lots of picking!

And peek-a-booing

And discussing the finer points of the peach

We enjoyed the beauty of nature

And being together

Despite the look on her face, she really DOES love me. Honest!
Mr. Miner, the orchard proprietor, offered to unbutton a few buttons on his shirt for my picture.
He will be Mr. July in my upcoming calendar - Men of the Orchards
(**Sidenote** See how he's dressed - blue jeans, long sleeved shirt, suspenders - that could be my Daddy. I just wanted to load him up and take him home with me.)
What did we do with the bounty?

Peach butter
peach jam, peach butter, canned peaches, and peach juice (this photo just shows a few jars)
peach cobbler

peach bread
And, yes, I still have peaches left!


Cathy said...

Looks like you had fun.

Jenny said...

What fun! Looks scrumpious and memory making. That bread. Oh boy. I am resisting asking you for that recipe. It looks amazing!