Friday, July 3, 2009

Selecting fireworks

Selecting fireworks is a yearly tradition for us on July 3rd. We stand at the fireworks stand sweating, slapping mosquitoes, and dodging June Bugs and asking questions like, "What's that blue and red one with the wings do?"

"How much does it cost?"
"Ok, what's our subtotal now?"

And the folks who are running the stand smile, and politely answer our questions and say, "Now you can't get a better show than this artillery shell. It's a double shot, triple break, flip turnin' wizzer! AND, it's only $125!"

Then, we smile and politely ask, "How about that smaller one over there? In the green package?"

And the result?

See that smile?

And when we get home, he goes through his fireworks and says, "Thank y'all so much!"

That makes the sweat and mosquitoes worth it!

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