Saturday, December 12, 2009

December 12, 1972

Until one month ago, I had never set eyes on this photograph of myself. I found it going through some of my Mom's photos. On the back is written, "December 12, 1972 - Carla and Amy" in my Mother's handwriting. There aren't a lot of photographs of me as a baby. I was baby #6 - who had time to take photos?! {LOL} But, here I am, not quite 2 months old sitting in my big sister's lap. 37 years ago today! There's a Christmas tree and some awesome Mod curtains (wish I'd come across those!!) I love this photo! Look at Carla's glasses! Look at her smooth 10 year face! Look how huge I am for a not even 2 month old baby!

How neat that I received a new Christmas "memory" for Christmas this year. With this photo I received a peek back to Christmas-time in 1972. Even then I was loved. Even then I was blessed.


Carol said...

That is so awesome! No one deserves it more than you...dear, sweet Amy!

Jenny said...

Amy, I can feel your tears and your joy in this amazing gift. You look very much like your sister...lovely, even as a small baby. And I am sending you a big hug and lots of warm prayers for this lovely day of remembrance and joy!

Mardell said...

That is just so precious! What a special gift you've received. I was in 2nd grade then. :o)
Sending hugs to you, too.