Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's December!!!

Oh, I hope it passes slowly so we all can enjoy it!!
This month I am looking forward to completing some Christmas crafts, finishing up some homemade gifts, drinking lots of hot chocolate, donating, children's programs, band concert, Christmas parties, wrapping gifts, chair naps, Christmas shopping, Christmas music, the possibility of snow, and so much more! Oh and of course celebrating the birth of Jesus!
Happy December!


Jenny said...

You too sweet Amy!

~Kristen~ said...

So excited for December but a little frazzled that it snuck up so quickly!!! Eeek! I hope it goes by slowly, too!

Mardell said...

Hi Amy,
Yep, it's Dec. alright. Wow, where DOES the time go? We woke up to snow this morning & Wm. shrieked, "it's Christmas!" LOL This month will go quickly indeed. Savor every moment.