Wednesday, December 2, 2009

magical. SNOW!!!

Our first snow came early this morning. Magical December snow!! Of course, it is now all gone and cold rain is falling, but it is magical all the same! Just like Frosty said! All I had to do this morning to have Stephen hopping out of bed is open his door and yell, "It's snowing!" He popped out of bed and hurried to his window. I'm tellin' ya...magical!! :)


~Kristen~ said...

You got snow in TX before we got it in MA?!?!?! What is the world coming to?!?! lolololol :-) xoxo

Bulldog said...

Hi, Amy, this is Joe Walker, Virgil's friend and co-worker.

The magic word that gets kids out of bed at our house is "BACON"! You should try it sometimes.

I hope y'all made a tiny snowman.

Mardell said...

I heard on the news that some areas of TX got snow! Wasn't sure if you got any or not ~ guess you DID! That's the best way to get Wm. out of bed too. LOL

Jenny said...

Oh Amy! How exciting! How did I miss this! Hooray for you all! I'm sooooo envious!