Thursday, December 24, 2009

Playing Santa

This is Stephen's first year to not truly believe in Santa. The dear still sat out treats and milk for the old guy. Stephen blesses me so. His heart is golden...even in these trying pre-teen times.

Virgil and I explained to Stephen that Santa is alive and well and lives within each of us. We told him that when the veil is lifted and we realize there is not an actual man that delivers presents on Christmas Eve that it is our turn to become part of the magic that is Santa.

Stephen played Santa for the first time tonight. As a family we secretly gifted a family in town. What a joy to watch my two special guys sneak to the front porch with a box of gifts. Stephen immediately headed back to me in the dark truck, while Virgil knocked rapidly on the door and ran around the side of the house and back to us. What a pleasure to give to others and to share that as a family. Back in the truck and down the road undiscovered, Stephen declared, "This is the best Christmas Eve ever!"

I could not agree more son! Thank you for reflecting the love of Christ in your glee of giving!

Merry Christmas everyone!!


Carol said...

Merry Christmas dear Amy, to you and yours!

Jenny said...

Oh Amy! I love this post. Thank you! Give Stephen a little pat on the shoulder for me for I suspect he is getting too old for hugs and hug Virgil hard for me so he'll hug you back! I'm so impressed and proud of the young man you are bringing into the world. His wonderful ways will make a difference. Hugs, Blessings and Joy on this Christmas morning!