Monday, September 12, 2011

~our boy likes reptiles~

Our boy L♥VES reptiles.
I know. Ick.
or at least I used to say, "Ick!"
But now?

They're kinda growing on me.
Stephen found a reptile show online and we headed down to Arlington on Sunday afternoon to take it in.

He is holding a Crested Gecko here. That's what he wants next.

Besides lizards and geckos there were snakes. Lots and lots of snakes.
All different sizes and colors of snakes.

Ste's favorite snake...

I kinda liked her too!

No, Stephen, you still can't have one in my HOUSE!
Dad enjoyed the Reptile Show too...
But this is what he thought about draping a python around his neck! :D


Jenny said...

Yikes. You are so cool, Amy! I would have been sitting in the car ready a book - ha!

robyn said...

OMG and YOU put one on your neck!!!