Thursday, September 1, 2011

~Things I'm lovin' Thursday~

I'm trying something new! I got the idea from Rachel and she sweetly said I could copy!

On Thursdays I'm going to blog about things I'm diggin' at the moment. And for now these are a few:

Have you tried Greek Gods Honey & Strawberry Greek Yogurt? Umm...YUM! I want to eat it everyday topped with:
ground flaxseed! Which has a yummy, nutty flavor and heart healthy Omega 3s. I must warn - the yogurt has a bit more Carbs and Sugar than I like to have for breakfast on a regular basis. But an occasional treat? Hells ya!

Something else I'm lovin':
Gina has packed her website with light and delicious recipes. I've tried several and haven't been disappointed yet!

Vintage pillowcases! Love 'em! Want to use them on every bed pillow in my house..everytime I change the sheets. A little bit of whimsy. Makes me smile!

This print will be hanging in my kitchen soon. MUST. HAVE. ;)

(from etsy)

And last for today, Carried Away body spray from Bath and Body Works.

Wear it everyday. Head to Toe. LOVE!

So, what are you lovin'?

1 comment:

robyn said...

well, will try the yougart AND the body spray. Is that one piece of fabric, or several. What do I love??? my honey and my wedding dress.