Tuesday, November 4, 2008


We've been very busy the last several days and I haven't had a chance to blog.

I'll start with Halloween. Stephen decided to go as a Mad Scientist. Actually, he planned to go as a headless person but he was too tall to make it work with what we had available to us.

My sister Carla and her daughter, Katrina came over to trick or treat with us. Here's Katrina as a Disco Hippy Chick.

Mom dressed up as a witch and won 2nd place at the Rehab centers Costume contest.

Carla and I decided to join in and dressed up as gypsies.

Carla, the kids and I loaded up in the back of Virgil's truck and he drove us around town. The kiddos would jump off and trick or treat a street and then meet us at the other end. It was a lot of fun. We picked up my other sister Jill and she road around with us. We all ended up at our house for some chili. We got a few trick or treaters before and after we went out.

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Jenny said...

Neat Amy, and so good to see your Mom in the spirit of things. Love all the costumes. You are a clever bunch.