Saturday, November 15, 2008


Today is a busy Saturday and the weather is absolutely delicious! It is cold and blustery and just awesome fall-ness.

This morning I am putting the finishing touches on a ZippyStrippyQuilt for my neice Katrina. Her birthday was the 11th and she turned 11. Her birthday party is tonight with a slumber party at my house after. I'm looking forward to surprising her with the blanket.

Later, I'm off to get my haircut which desparately needs it! I'm looking quite wooly.

This is definitely the MOST wonderful time of the year!


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Willow Lake Stitches said...

Hi Amy !

I am so thrilled you are my FIRST follower ! Thank you ! I can't wait to get a chance to catch up on your blog.

If you ever want any quilting help or ideas, let me know.

your chickie friend,