Thursday, December 11, 2008

An example of my life...

Yesterday, for some reason, I took my hairbrush and my daytime moisturizer out of my bathroom (where I normally use these items) and ended up brushing my hair and applying my cream in my bedroom. No big deal right? WRONG! After I used the items, I put them somewhere and completely forgot where! So this morning after my shower, I’m looking all over the place for my cream and my hairbrush. I finally give up and go wake Stephen and make coffee with un-brushed hair and non-moisturized face. While waiting for Stephen to drag himself from the bed, I noticed he has left his house key, which is attached to his school id on the kitchen counter. I pick it up to put in his backpack, because I am sure otherwise he will be locked out at some point when he needs the key. As I pick up the id, something flies off and lands in the very FULL trash can. It’s the key. I eye the trash can, remembering Patch had an accident in the entryway yesterday afternoon that Stephen had cleaned up. I sigh and dig in…of course the key has fallen to the bottom of the trash bag. My hand squishes into something and I realize Stephen didn’t “wrap up” the little gift Patch left in the entryway. “STEPHEN GET OUT OF BED!” He ambles in sleepy-eyed, “Geez, Mom, what’s up with your hair?” (Yes, he’s still alive!)

Oh, and I did find my hairbrush…it was behind my laundry hamper in my bedroom. I don’t know why and I don’t want to know why. There is no telling where I’ll find the moisturizer!

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~Kristen~ said...

Oh no!!! I am trying so hard not to laugh but, I admit, I am laughing my butt off....because that is so how my days tend to go!!!