Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Highlights of my holiday weekend

Highlights of my Thanksgiving weekend:

• Family gathered in my home to celebrate and give thanks
• 6-yr old niece playing hopscotch on my tiled kitchen floor
• Amish friendship bread starter from another niece
• Talking to two nieces about ZSQ’s and fabric sales
• Early arrival of my nephew and his friend (who is like a nephew too!)
• My brother’s family in from Arkansas
• Momma getting to be together with all her living children at once
• Niece and nephew spending the night
• Stephen sleeping over with them the next night
• Early morning fabric shopping with hubby
• 3 hour nap with hubby
• Making ZSQ sandwiches with hubby
• Christmas shopping and out to lunch with hubby on Saturday
• Chili and football game watching with my sister, BIL and yet, another niece
• Spontaneous Sunday morning trip with Sister, BIL, niece, hubby and son to find some Amish settlements in OK (I never realized they were there and I’ve lived here for most of my life!)


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Carol said...

Glad you had a ton of loved ones with you! Sounds like fun! =)