Sunday, May 24, 2009

First Track Meet

Stephen signed up for Summer Track to start learning how to throw the shot put and discus. He is not yet old enough to compete in discus, but later in the summer may be able to throw with the 14 and under group for practice.

Yesterday was his first track meet. He threw in the 12 and under shot put competition and placed 3rd. He was so stinkin' excited. We have lots of fun watching him!

Here he is throwing:

And here he is with his ribbon:

Jasper, our nephew, is also competing in Summer Track. Yesterday he participated in the High Jump and 100 M Dash in the 14 and under group. He placed 4 in the 100 meter dash. Jasper will be doing more competitions when a muscle bruise on his thigh heals.

Here is Jasper jumping:

And here he is in the 100M dash: (black shorts and navy top)

Congratulation boys!! We're looking forward to our Saturdays at the track this summer!

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