Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Lei" Off Drugs!

It's Red Ribbon Week at Collinsville Elementary. Today's theme was "Lei" Off Drugs. The kids were allowed to dress in tropical attire. Here's Ste's version! I'm so glad he likes to participate in these things because I just LOVE it!

Stephen's Red Ribbon Pledge:

I pledge to be drug-free and support the Red Ribbon Celebration
by taking a stand in my family and in my community
against alcohol and drug abuse.

I will not fall for drugs!


Mardell said...

Way-2-go Stephen!! Our Red Ribbon week is next week.

And Happy Birthday dear Amy!! :o) Hope you have a fantastic, fun filled, fall day!

Hugs ~

Jenny said...

Awesome job Stephen! Amy, I left you a very bad birthday song on your cell phone. Try not to throw up! ha!

~Kristen~ said...

Gotta love that sweet kid of yours!!! Way to go Stephen!!! :-)

~Kristen~ said...

And OMG!!! How did I miss that it is your birthday?!?! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet friend!!!!! BIG HUGS!!!! xoxoxo