Friday, October 23, 2009


October 23, 1997 @ 5:43 a.m. I received a wonderful blessing:

Virgil Stephen Woods
came screaming
into the world! He was a big, squalling, red ball
He's been blessing my life daily for 12 years!
And he rarely screams anymore...
Happy Birthday Stephen! You are my delight! My Joy! My Reason!
My excuse to do all the fun things in life.
You are a wonderful blend of your Daddy and Me.
YOU have taught ME kindness and acceptance.
YOU have given ME a wealth of happy days.
MY cup runneth over!
Happy Birthday Baby Boy!
hearts ~ momma


~Kristen~ said...

Happy happy birthday Stephen!!! Make it a GREAT one!!! Big hugs!!! xoxo

Jenny said...

Happy, Happy Birthday sweet boy! I loved your post Amy! I love the DELICIOUSNESS part. You are a wonder!

Carol said...

I left him a message on his blog...but Happy 12th!

Mardell said...

Aaaaaaaawwww!! One more year to go before the *BIG 13!!* Make it a good one, Stephen! Happy Birthday to a fine young man. Hope you celebrate in style. What a great month to have a b-day (along w/your mom!)