Tuesday, October 13, 2009

~stealing my JOY~

I've been letting people and circumstances steal my joy. STEAL my JOY! MY Joy. That comes from the Lord! And I'm stopping it. Right. Now.

There is sadness in my life right now, but I won't let it take away my joy. I will pray and I will love and I will have FAITH that my Lord will direct my footsteps and help me to be a support to my LOVED one who is in so much need. And I will have Joy.

There is ugliness in my life right now. UGLINESS, and anger, and Stench. Sometimes I feel it closing in on me. STEALING MY JOY! But starting now, 12:20 A.M. on October 13, 2009, I am saying, "No more!" I only have control of myself and my actions and my deeds. I know myself. I know the desires of my heart. I know my intentions. I know my LORD. I know he has plans to prosper me. I will Love and I will pray for those who are mired in anger and unforgiveness, accusations and pre-emptive conclusions. But I WILL not lose MY joy.

Thank you heavenly Father for opening my eyes to the blessings that surround me.


~Kristen~ said...

Way to go my friend!!! I love your attitude about this!!! You are absolutely right in that no one can steal our joy unless we let them! You are always in my thoughts and prayers!!! xoxo

Jenny said...

Well, and watch out for those fun-suckers, too!

On a more serious note Amy I'm glad to hear you get that out of your heart.

At the end of something like that I usually look around for something I can break. Picking up and discarding several things only to decide I COULD break something if I wanted to but I WON'T for right now.

When things feel their worst just go outside and sit and watch the sky or the clouds with your head tipped back.

It may help.

I hope it does.

Because you are such a lovely, lovely person.

And everyone and everything is on notice.

Try to suck Amy's joy and you're gonna have to go through the wall of prayer that surrounds her!