Saturday, October 17, 2009


This is Rainer. He is a mixture of Chihuahua and Miniature Pincher (yep, don't know if I spelled any of that right...) We adopted him from that same shelter in Aubrey. It will be 4 years in December. Rainer is my first puppy love. After years of telling Stephen, "No, we don't need a dog", we gave in. We searched We found Rainer. Who was found wandering the streets one day. At the shelter they called him Benny. My husband is known as Ben on his side of the family. We thought it would be weird to have our dog called Benny and my hubby called Ben. Just a little too cutesy. So, Virgil (Ben, hubby) came up with Rainer. It's weird. We like it. Rainer loves ALL people. He despises all other animals. Except our neighbor's great Dane, Zoey. (Added note: He tolerates Patch. As long as Patch doesn't take up too much of my lap!) He barks. Loudly. But not all the time. His favorite activities are chasing squirrels in our backyard, and cuddling under the covers. He can climb chain link fences. His three favorite words are Go, Squirrel and Cookie. He likes to be held on my shoulder like a baby. He is my puppy love!


Mardell said...

Oh Amy ~ Rainer is so cute. Funny how he likes to chase squirrels! Good exercise ~ those little buggers are fast! He's a lucky little pooch to be a member your family.

Jenny said...

Oh cute, cute, cute! He looks a lot like Jessie's dog which is also that particular "blend" We call Belle a Mini-Pinwawa if anyone asks her breed. We get some funny looks on that, too! Thanks for the smile!

~Kristen~ said...

Oh he's soooooo cuuute!!!!! I love that the only dog he likes is the one that is the exact opposite of him on the size scale!!! Those little dogs crack me up!!! :-)