Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fun Flip Flops!

It's fun to wear flip flops in the summer! {Sorry Kristen! ;)}

I saw these cuties over on the Sisters' Stuff blog and I immediately knew I had to make a pair for my nieces, Megan and Makenna. Can't wait to give them to the girls!

You can get the tutorial here.

For Makenna:

For Megan:


Monica said...

These are CUTE! Cracks me up that you mentioned Kristen - I immedietely thought of her when I saw the title of your post! ;) I'll have to show these to my girls...

(Oh my gosh! I just went to type in the "word verification" only there was no word for me to see. So I clicked on the wheel chair so I could HEAR what I was supposed to type. I could hear it alright, but it was in Italian!!)

~Kristen~ said...

Oh noooo!!!!! Flip flops!!!! ;-)

Luv ya still!!!

Terra said...

at out last swim meet the theme was pink and many of the swimmers had made these in pink and they were SOOOOOO Cute flopping around the pool in them

Jenny said...

Those are gonna be some sweet, happy feet!

Cathy said...

Too cute!!! You know though, you are only fueling Makennas shoe obsession!