Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sometimes it takes me a while...

Sometimes it takes me a while to follow through, but eventually....I do!

Back in February I showed you this:

It's an old typewriter stand that I thrifted for $7! WOOT!

It is now {finally} a plant stand for my entryway:

{contented sigh} Just looking at it makes me happy! :)


Monica said...

This is CUTE! I love the little birdie!

Jenny said...

Amy, this is soooo adorable. I love this. I'm sending this link to Jessie cuz I think she would really love these for night stands!

You really made this typewriter stand click. Ummm.... OK. Never mind. That was supposed to be a typing term.

Mardell said...

Seriously cute! Love the color AND the little bird ~ where on earth did you find that? Do your fingers get sore from pressing down on the spray paint? Mine do, bad. I want to find one of those trigger thingees that you attach to the can.

It really turned out lovely, Amy. Do you have a plant to adorn it yet? :o)

Tamara said...

Such a cute stand! Could be used for vintage displays...that could be changed on a whim! :o)