Friday, January 22, 2010

That's what vanity will getcha

Today was a followup eye exam. I've been out of contacts for a year and a half because, basically, my poor ol eyes were starving for oxygen being trapped under these plastic (? I guess they're plastic, I dunno) discs.

So today, after wearing glasses for 18 mos and developing a tick that causes me to push on the center of my nose between my eyes every two minutes whether my glasses are on or not, I went to my final fitting for my new "breathable" contacts.

{Sidenote: the receptionist and I discovered we used to play basketball against each other in high school. She's still thin. I don't like her.}

So, I go back with the assistant something or other and she waits for me to put in my new contacts, takes me to an exam room and I climb into an ancient exam chair and she checks my vision. Then she asks me to wait for the DR to come in and make sure the lenses are fitting right and all that.

So, I'm waiting and waiting and I start to wonder how I'm looking without my glasses for a change. I didn't get a good look when I was putting them in. I check out the office, but the only mirror is the one high up on the wall that reflects the letters you have to read during the eye exam. I'm too short to see into that mirror if I stand on the ground.

BUT, vanity has taken hold of me. Do my eyes look bigger with out my glasses - do they look more brown?

I'm a woman. There's one mirror in the room. I will find a way to get a glance of myself.

So I stand. I stand on the foot rest of the exam chair. The ANCIENT exam chair. It tilts forward. Throwing me off balance. Just as the DR opens the exam room door.

That's what vanity will getcha' ...... bruised pride.


Jenny said...

Oh Amy, did you get hurt? But important still, which way did your eyes look the most brown? ha!

Amy said...

Jenny - nothing hurt but my pride and alas, my eyes are the same ol brown!! tehe

Melinda Cornish said...

but your eyes looked beautiful right? that is all that counts you know......

MaryB. said...

Sorry Amy, I'm laughing with you... not at you. Hee hee!

One thing, will these contacts let in onion vapours? I remember my cousin getting ones years ago and finding out they made peeling onions a hazard!
Hugs for your hurt pride!