Saturday, August 16, 2008


It's morning and the house is quiet. Stephen spent the night with his cousin, Cole and Virgil is still in bed. I've been up for awhile, reveling in the still and quiet. A hummingbird keeps coming to the feeder at my window...I swear he's looking at me and wondering, "What the heck is the hold up lady? Come fill this feeder!" Perhaps I will. I haven't because the honey bees keep getting into it.

I've been attempting to sew some clothes for my niece Megan. Considering I haven't cut out a pattern since Sophomore Home Ec class in 1988, this has been a trying experience. I'm using a Sewing for Dummies pattern. I keep telling myself I'm just not dumb enough and that's why I'm having a problem. I stopped in frustration last night after I somehow sewed the inner legs of the shorts to the butt seam!!

So, now I'm going to finish my coffee and go in search of a seam ripper and keep looking out the window in search of some rain!

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Jenny said...

Accck... I know that sewing the leg to the butt seam well. I generally have to resew pants or shorts for the Reds like six times. But at least you're doing it. Good for you.