Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to School

Stephen started 5th grade today! FIFTH GRADE!! That's when I started to "blossom" and look at boys as something other vermin to be tolerated!
It is hard to believe that Virgil and I have a child who will turn 11 in a couple of months.
Last night I sat and listened to the soft whistling hum of Stephen in deep sleep. I've done that so many times in his life - sat and watched him sleep. Sometimes it was an anxious watch due to illness, and sometimes I was just awestruck at the reality of him, and always there was a hint of sadness because I knew the time was going fast. Last night I stood outside his door, and just listened to his peaceful, contented sleep. And I thought, "Look what we did! We made a family!" And I prayed for him and my future DIL. I prayed they would love God, and each other, and someday look at their sleeping babes and say, "Look what we did!"

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