Friday, August 22, 2008

zip zippin' along

I finished up another ZippyStrippyQuilt last night! This time for a baby girl shower I will be attending today. The photo doesn't show it very well, but the material is white background. There are 3 strips with delicate pink flowers, 2 strips with baby blue flowers, and 2 strips with very light lavender flowers. Very pretty and very girly! ZippyStrippyQuilts are SO fun to make! Very high on my recommendation list!
On another note, I love Fall! I've decided to start Fall on September 1st this year! I usually wait until my hubby's b-day on Sept. 16 or the "official" first day of Fall later in the month. But, I'm ready Sept. 1 is the day!! Who cares if it won't feel like Fall until late October or early November? NOT ME! :)
I wish I were in the habit of say "Autumn." But, honestly, when I say Autumn, I think of New England and apple cider and stuff I never experience. So, here in hot Texas, it will continue to be Fall and I will crank down the AC and bake some fall stuff and Virgil and I will drink coffee while we eat it. Stephen will have hot chocolate! I'll hope that apples go on sale and I'll make some apple butter and my house will smell terrific. Yep, Fall is just a little over a week away!

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